A New Delicacy, Thanks to a Bunch of Baboons


We happened across this engaging story and thought we’d share. It’s about how animals recently led farmers to discover a new variety of oranges. More specifically, it’s about how a troop of baboons led one farmer to discover a promising new cultivar of Minneola tangerines, those deep-orange, knobby-ended, delicious tangerines available for just a couple… [Continue Reading]

Sustainability—A Long-Lasting Trend


Organic products have gone from boutique purchases to everyday buys—at least, to the extent they are available and within budget. As part of the Akea community, you know it’s ideal to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and to buy organic, sustainably produced foods whenever you can. But chew on this for a minute:… [Continue Reading]

Going bananas: why Fair Trade is best


–by Sally Beare I recently had to be part of a human fruit machine at the kids’ school fair – never mind the details – and the subject of organic versus non-organic bananas came up. Does it matter, some asked, since you can peel them? Yes, it does matter, as it turns out. Pesticide use… [Continue Reading]

Eating GM foods – do we have a choice? (YES!)


–by Sally Beare Have you eaten any GM foods today? Do you care whether you have or not? Would you prefer not to but you feel the choice has been taken away from you, the consumer? Here are four vital facts for the health-conscious American: Most of the world’s GM food is grown in North… [Continue Reading]