Sardinia – where people are ‘strong like a blade of grass’

I’m writing this in Sardinia, the Italian island where people seem to live forever. It’s not surprising they want to hang around in mortal life for as long as possible, because Sardinia is pretty heavenly. One of the first things you notice here is the immaculate turquoise water, often said to be the cleanest in… [Continue Reading]

Inside Essentials: Green cabbage

Something you may not know about cabbage is that it can protect against radiation.  Hopefully, you will never need to use that information, but it says something about the amazing powers of this leafy green brassica. In studies conducted during the 1950s, during the height of Cold War phobia, cabbage was fed to animals which… [Continue Reading]

Inside Essentials: Chicory Root


Chicory, also known as blue sailors, succory, and coffeeweed, is a plant with a thick hairy root, a slightly bitter leaf popular in salads, and a distractingly beautiful blue flower which, according to European folklore, has the power to unlock doors. Chicory was cultivated for thousands of years by the River Nile, and it also… [Continue Reading]

Inside Essentials: Buckwheat


Buckwheat, a staple in Russia and Eastern Europe, is also popular in Japan as a hangover cure and it is given to Hunzakuts on the rare occasions when someone is feeling under the weather. In the West, it is considered by some to be a superfood which may help prevent chronic disease in several ways…. [Continue Reading]

Inside Essentials: Apricots


Apricot trees grow all over the Hunza valley, and are often given credit for the famed longevity of the Hunzakuts, who eat them in large quantities. The pinkish-white blossom dots the fields in spring, whilst after the harvest the fruit is spread out over the roofs of the houses to dry, adding a splash of… [Continue Reading]

Feeding Children – Next-gen feeding tips


–While Sally is on vacation (think “Relaxation”!), we’re bringing back some of our earlier blogs that are definitely worth a re-read! —by Sally Beare How many people struggle to feed their kids the right food or even know what the right food is? Probably most of us. It’s all very well for us to know… [Continue Reading]

Want to lose weight? Don’t eat after dark


–by Sally Beare A new study from the University of California suggests that overweight and obese people may be able to lose weight simply by having their meals at certain times of the day. The study showed that when the mice ate around the clock, they became obese, but when eating was restricted to an… [Continue Reading]

Sugar – Not a Hot Spot food – Part 2


–by Sally Beare If you want to lower your sugar intake then the best thing you can do is to eat the Hot Spot way. This also happens to be a great way to balance your blood sugar levels and prevent sugar cravings. Here’s what you have to do: Eat protein at every meal and… [Continue Reading]

Community Lost, Community Found


No doubt you were as moved as we were by stories of loss, survival, and rebuilding in earthquake- and tsunami-stricken Japan. This story illustrates the incredible efforts to re-establish social networks and communities in the challenging setting of evacuee shelters set up in school gyms. A sense of community is a crucial underpinning to life in… [Continue Reading]

Will we be flushing away in the future?


–by Sally Beare I recently took my daughter to a children’s party on a city farm near us. Amongst other attractions was a compost toilet where, as you would imagine, you can contribute in your own special way to a compost heap which then presumably gets used to fertilise some crop somewhere. It’s a good… [Continue Reading]