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We wanted to pass along this essay by holistic health counselor Victoria Moran, who shares her happiness that she’s living as agelessly as she can. Her thoughts are interesting to consider alongside the Akea BluePrint for Life.

“The lifestyle typical of most Americans,” she writes, “couldn’t be more pro-aging.” True! She enumerates some lifestyle points that the BluePrint for Life is meant to counter…

  • We’re overly stressed, yet we try to portray overwork and stress as good.
  • We don’t sleep nearly enough.
  • Our lifestyle is too sedentary: “We work at desks and entertain ourselves in front of computer and TV screens,” she writes.
  • We drink unhealthy beverages, when we should be usually be choosing water, and we make unhealthy food choices.

“And yet,” she writes, “we expect, either through good genes, good luck, vitamin supplements, or cosmetic surgery, to get that full-of-life glow. It’s an illogical premise.”

She goes on to share some details of her personal approach to living agelessly…

Meditation—She equates meditation with quiet time. “You can use it for journal writing, prayer, or sitting with a cup of tea and pondering life,” she writes. However, she notes, if you want it to slow the aging process, classic transcendental meditation is ideal. She reminds readers of the study that showed people who had meditated regularly for five years or more were a whopping 12 years younger physiologically than non-meditators.

Exercise—The BluePrint for Life states this point unequivocally: Our bodies are designed to move! Inhabitants of the world’s Longevity Hot Spots spend portions of every single day moving,  as part of work and play. To live as agelessly as possible, we need to make it our habit to do the same thing.

NourishmentNutrition, as you know, is an important aspect of the Akea lifestyle. (Are you taking your Essentials every day?) Moran makes the important additional point that we are nourished by everything we take in—”our immediate environment, the scenery, conversation, music, movies,” she says. “A chronically messy room isn’t nourishing. Neither is a hostile encounter, murder or mayhem, even on the silver screen.”

What would you add? What helps you live more agelessly? Comment here and let us know.

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