Akea Ingredients


“Akea was not created in a laboratory. It is fermented whole food nutrition completely free of synthetics, dyes, artificial sweeteners and harmful additives…as nature intended.

Fermentation increases the bioavailability of nutrients which accelerates the self-healing process for which our bodies are naturally designed.”

~Gordon Koltis, MD, FACRO

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  • Organic Superfoods: Akea contains a wide variety of fermented superfoods enhanced with probiotics, minerals and enzymes for the world’s most perfect nutritional supplement available.
  • Hot Spot Proprietary Blend: Akea contains a proprietary blend of organic, fermented Superfoods consumed in the healthiest locales on earth…Longevity Hot Spots.
  • Probiotics & Enzymes: Akea contains plant-based digestive enzymes and 6 billion live probiotic cells in every daily serving to strengthen gut health and overall wellness.


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