Hot Spot Healthy Recipes

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Hot Spot Healthy Cooking Tips

  • Use fresh, local, organic produce. (Click here to download our Organic Shopping Guide for a list of foods that are best purchased organic.)
  • Use meat as a flavoring for a dish, rather than making it the “star”. Buy organic pasture-raised, grass-fed meat when possible.
  • Use herbs and spices to flavor recipes, rather than lots of salt and butter. Experiment with some that you haven’t used before—the internet is a great resource for finding out how to use new herbs & spices.
  • Use filtered water when a recipe calls for water.
  • Boiling or poaching is best to preserve the nutrients in eggs; second-best is scrambled.
  • Remember not to overcook vegetables. Lightly steaming, gently roasting, or just eating raw are preferred methods.
  • Toss together different colors of vegetables to arouse your eyes and taste buds.
  • Use first cold pressed olive oil in salads and when drizzling over other foods.
  • Use safflower or coconut oil for cooking at higher heat.

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