Real Lives, Real Benefits

The BluePrint for Life is transforming the lives of people everywhere—people just like you who aspire to live healthy, vibrant lives just like those who live in Longevity Hot Spots.

Whether your goal is to look and feel better, have more energy or lose some weight—the BluePrint for Life will help. Here’s what our community members are saying…

“I am 47 years old and was morbidly obese for about the last 40 years. I was fortunate to be able to start taking Akea in May before Akea actually launched. When I started, I was around 219 pounds, I was Type 2 diabetic, I was taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicines, as well as about a dozen supplements, several pain medicines, and a children’s aspirin every day.I knew about a week into it that it was going to change my life, because…”

— Dean, Ellerbee, NC

“There is nothing like Akea’s comprehensiveness!”

— Juliana, Jacksonvile, NC

“I was sold just by looking at the sheet about what was in Akea!”

— Beverly, Creedmoor, NC

“I recover a lot quicker than I used to. I don’t have the aches and pains. I sleep better. I have more energy. I feel strong. I feel clear. I feel focused. It’s a life-changing product.”"

— Suzy, Eau Claire, WI

“It’s really important to me to live a long life, to see my kids grow up, to have a chance to build into my kids so that they have a long life, as well. So I feel the message of Akea is something that everybody needs to hear about and it’s become my mission to share this…”

— Tari, Denver, CO

“I’ve only been on Akea 2 weeks, and I feel so much better! I’ve lost some inches, and I’m telling all my…friends about it. You try it-you’ll [feel better], too!”

— Shirley Caesar, 11-time Grammy Award Winner

“I want people to be here. And, be here with life and vitality!”

— Carlos, New Market, MD

“[Akea includes] a list of ingredients that I always recommend my patients and clients use in their daily food regime. … I think it’s a stellar opportunity…anything of great success needs to be backed by great integrity, and this company has that.”

— Dr. Puja, Chiropractic Physician, NC

“My name’s David and I’ve been taking Akea [Akea] since January 5. I’ve lost almost 35 pounds. I feel better, my knees don’t hurt any more, my neck doesn’t hurt any more.””

— David, Bakersfield, CA

“Seeing people catch the whole idea of it not being just a product, but it being a way of life…I’m really excited about that.”

— Dianne, Bakersfield, CA

“I’ve been in nutrition as part of my practice for years. Akea made sense to me because it’s food.”

— Dr. Rich, Chiropractor, Asheville, NC

“…if you are a parent who has a child that has trouble concentrating, has trouble being motivated, has trouble finishing things, I would definitely recommend Akea. You will see an incredible improvement.”

— Ed Jr., Raleigh, NC

“I recommend Akea to all of my patients…The recovery time is amazing. They don’t get so swollen. And, they just love it!”

— Dr. Gloria, Miami, FL

“To me, Akea is like getting God’s great nutrition that our grandparents got. It’s really hard for us to get that nutrition today in the United States.”

— Luanne, NC

“I’m Ray Price, I own Ray Price Harley Davidson here in Raleigh. …I have a drag bike that goes over 230 miles an hour in the quarter mile and makes over 1000 horsepower. I use nitro-methane in the tank to make it go fast. Akea is my nitro-methane for my body!””

— Ray Price, Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Raleigh, NC

“I’m going through the BluePrint JumpStart and I’ve seen fantastic results! For instance, my blood pressure and cholesterol are at their lowest level ever, and my energy is very high. My doctor and my family are thrilled about the results!”

— Bishop Burton, Raleigh, NC

“My name is Rolf … and I’ve played highly-competitive soccer all my life, and so with that type of a sport at that level, man, I’ll tell you it was just beating down my body. Within four weeks [of taking Akea], I was back on the treadmill, my knees were feeling great, my back was feeling great. Today I’m back to running 25 to 30 miles a week on the treadmill and just living life and loving it! And I thank Akea for it.”

— Rolf, Bakersfield, CA

“Right away, I noticed that my hair started growing in super thick. I noticed that my skin started getting nicer and firmer, wrinkles were diminishing. And, I thought “This is amazing!”

— Starr, Palm Beach, FL

“One thing about Akea, it is safe for children…when their are little, they’re really formulating what’s going to happen later in life health-wise. These building blocks are very, very crucial at these ages. These kids have got to have the right nutrition. And, Akea is the answer…”"

— Steve & Brenda, NC

“I have been undergoing a recurrence of cancer. With so much chemo and radiation, [I developed] fibromyalgia. I had been praying for a solution so I could get off the medication and go into more organic, natural wholeness. … It’s been about a month and half that I’ve been taking [Akea] and my fibromyalgia … has gone away. I used to feel very sluggish, wouldn’t have much energy, ache a lot in my joints, but now I don’t have that problem.””

— Veronica, Durham, NC

“…when [a member of my congregation] uses Akea, she is able to function because her joint pain is lessened and her swelling is decreased. When she doesn’t use it, she can’t get out of bed.”

— Bishop Gavin, Erie, PA


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