Fruit – it gets you going!


When you do physical activity, fruit will give you added power! Fruit is: a ready source of energy high in water content, to help you rehydrate a great source of potassium to replace lost electrolytes (apricots, raisins and figs are especially high in potassium) a source of magnesium to help prevent muscle cramps a source… [Continue Reading]

Moving with the seasons

As part of the Akea community, you know the importance of working regular physical activity into your daily routine—just as people do in Longevity Hot Spots. You might find that you enjoy different types of movement during different seasons. You may not like running outdoors in the depths of winter or doing something too vigorous… [Continue Reading]

Get that heart going!


We want your heart thumping—and not just for love! (Though we highly encourage that, too.) Some of the most beneficial forms of movement are the aerobic ones—the ones that get your heart pumping harder and make you feel almost out of breath. Why? Aerobic activity increases cardiovascular fitness in your heart and lungs. Aerobic activity… [Continue Reading]

Movement – fitting it in


Movement is a natural part of the day in Longevity Hot Spots. So how can it become part of YOUR day, too? You don’t need to join a class to get moving—though you may prefer the company and support of a class. You don’t even have to change your busy schedule. Here’s a list of… [Continue Reading]

Don’t forget… to get moving every day!


Regular movement is one of the key lessons from Longevity Hot Spots, where people are moving around all day long. Even the old and very old people in the Hot Spots are fit and active. It’s never too late to start – get moving and you are really investing in your future in a way… [Continue Reading]

Make Movement a Part of It!

The weekend is coming up soon, and for many of us that means a chance to break from our weekday routine and do something new. Here’s where it’s fun to live out loud! For the next couple of days, take a good look at how much movement you’re getting. Do you get outside and get… [Continue Reading]

The Other 15.5 Hours


We’ve blogged before about how harmful sitting can be to your health and longevity. Everyone knows a sedentary lifestyle is no good. But recent studies create an even clearer picture of how negatively hours of sitting each day affect health—even in people who get the recommended amount of physical movement each day. To review, men… [Continue Reading]

Living Agelessly


We wanted to pass along this essay by holistic health counselor Victoria Moran, who shares her happiness that she’s living as agelessly as she can. Her thoughts are interesting to consider alongside the Akea BluePrint for Life. “The lifestyle typical of most Americans,” she writes, “couldn’t be more pro-aging.” True! She enumerates some lifestyle points that the… [Continue Reading]

Step It Up—Another Reason Why


Interesting news from the world of gerontology: A large, new, long-term study concludes that an elder’s walking speed is strongly associated with physical health and longer life. Researchers pooled the results of nine cohort studies collected between 1986 and 2000, including data from 34,485 community-dwelling older adults aged 65 years or older, examining baseline gait… [Continue Reading]

How Early Can “Healthy” Start?


No doubt, kids need to be free to run and play—creatively, without the structures (and strictures!) imposed by adult interference. If you’re a parent, or if you simply follow TV and magazines, you’ve probably encountered the debate about proper levels of supervision and structured play. It’s the kids of Helicopter Parents versus the Free Range… [Continue Reading]