Make Movement a Part of It!

The weekend is coming up soon, and for many of us that means a chance to break from our weekday routine and do something new. Here’s where it’s fun to live out loud! For the next couple of days, take a good look at how much movement you’re getting. Do you get outside and get… [Continue Reading]

Sardinia – where people are ‘strong like a blade of grass’

I’m writing this in Sardinia, the Italian island where people seem to live forever. It’s not surprising they want to hang around in mortal life for as long as possible, because Sardinia is pretty heavenly. One of the first things you notice here is the immaculate turquoise water, often said to be the cleanest in… [Continue Reading]

Feeding Children – Next-gen feeding tips


–While Sally is on vacation (think “Relaxation”!), we’re bringing back some of our earlier blogs that are definitely worth a re-read! —by Sally Beare How many people struggle to feed their kids the right food or even know what the right food is? Probably most of us. It’s all very well for us to know… [Continue Reading]

Healthy “Vices”


–While Sally is on vacation (think “Relaxation”!), we’re bringing back some of our earlier blogs that are definitely worth a re-read! If you haven’t done so already, take the time to read through the Akea Healthy Living tips, which we call the BluePrint for Life. Unfortunately, some people think “healthy living” means “boredom,” “drudgery,” and… [Continue Reading]

A Tangerine a Day?


Everyone knows the old “an apple a day” adage. Now you might want to add a tangerine to the list of disease-preventive foods. Scientists at the University of Western Ontario say a flavonoid found naturally in high concentrations in tangerines prevents obesity and offers protection against type 2 diabetes in lab mice. In fact, tangerines boast… [Continue Reading]

Urban farms and CSAs…a step towards creating your own Longevity Hot Spot


–by Sally Beare Something is afoot in urban America…or should we say ‘underfoot’.  And it’s not the sidewalk.  All across North America, urban farms are sprouting up, with vegetable gardens, animal husbandry, orchards, salad gardens, fish farms, beehives, compost facilities and more. Take the Massachusetts Avenue Project in Buffalo, NY, for example. When a vacant… [Continue Reading]

Paint Yourself Healthy


How many times have you walked into a farmer’s market, or the produce section of a whole-foods grocery, and felt yourself salivating at the rainbow-colored array of vegetables and fruits? There’s just something about that colorful bounty that appeals to the brain and the stomach. And if you’re cooking for family and friends, count the… [Continue Reading]

The Other 15.5 Hours


We’ve blogged before about how harmful sitting can be to your health and longevity. Everyone knows a sedentary lifestyle is no good. But recent studies create an even clearer picture of how negatively hours of sitting each day affect health—even in people who get the recommended amount of physical movement each day. To review, men… [Continue Reading]

News of Noise—And It Doesn’t Sound Good


Noise pollution is never music to the ears. (Well, maybe it is if you’re turning up the headphones too high.) But a report from the World Health Organization brings even more concern to the effects of noise pollution on health and longevity, saying an alarming number of Western Europeans today lose years to death or disability… [Continue Reading]

Mindfulness Hits Mainstream


The concept of mindfulness—and the health benefits mindfulness provides—goes back many centuries. It’s a key feature in Longevity Hot Spots around the worlds. Today science is helping us better understand why it pays to know how to live in the moment. Rigorous studies show that… Transcendental meditation has been found to lower biological age and… [Continue Reading]