At Akea we believe most people want to look and feel better, have more energy, get fit and maybe even lose weight.  We also believe most people need a solid plan, a community of support and daily motivation to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve their goals.  And we have a plan, a 60-day action plan we call BluePrint JumpStart.  Each day for 60 days, the BluePrint JumpStart provides inspiration, motivation and education to “jump start” your lifestyle and wellness journey.
And to ensure your JumpStart journey is fun and exciting, we have included cool rewards like iPads, Kindles, spa retreats and getaways. These rewards will motivate you not only to take action, but also to share the JumpStart with others.  After all, we know getting fit and changing our daily habits is easier and more fun to do with friends.  That’s why we have also created “3 and Yours is Free”.  By simply referring three friends to join you on the BluePrint JumpStart, your JumpStart will be totally free!  So go ahead, call some friends and win some prizes!  In just 60 days, you can all look and feel better, get fit and have fun!