About The Blueprint for LIfe

Relaxation…a Way of Life in Longevity Hot Spots

There are no beeping, overscheduled smartphones in Campodimele, Italy, known as the Village of Eternal Youth. Only fresh mountain air, plentiful sunshine, and low stress.

When Symis meet to enjoy a classic Mediterranean meal, there’s no rushing. No clock-watching. They’re never concerned about arriving late—or staying long after the plates are cleared. Daily afternoon naps are commonplace.

Across the globe, Okinawans practice the ancient art of daily meditation…focusing on breathing to connect mind, body, and spirit. They make time for healing massages to generate new flows of life’s energy.

Relaxation is crucial to living well. People in Longevity Hot Spots lead busy lives, yet they are stress-free. They recognize the rejuvenating power of rest, respite, and relaxation. A connection to nature plays a central role in every hot spot corner, as does the simplicity of life’s daily rhythms.

Nature is restorative. It offers powerful healing qualities and a welcome way to unwind. Spending time outdoors nourishes our bodies and our souls. So do music, meditation, and moments of quiet prayer. Would you like to bring your relaxation skills closer to those of long-lived hot spot residents? Start today with simple steps: Making Good Nutrition and Akea part of your routine.