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Purpose…a Constant Guide in Longevity Hot Spots

There is no word for “retirement” in the Okinawan language.

Like older villagers in other hot spots, Okinawans continue to do what they have always done—tend their gardens, teach classes, help their neighbors, preserve family traditions. They follow their purpose.

Those in Longevity Hot Spots find and pursue their purpose with passion. They often work for the common good, recognizing that even their most basic contributions matter greatly.

The positive relationship among purposeful living, well-being, and enhanced longevity has been demonstrated over and over, in a wide variety of settings.

In a different area of China, the city of Laizhou is dubbed the nation’s Home of Longevity. In late 2008, the city was home to 81 centenarians at an unprecedented ratio of almost 10 per 100,000, and 26,400 elders aged 80 years or more, or 3.1 percent of the total population.

The China National Committee on Aging identified optimism, peacefulness, and a purposeful approach to life as factors behind the long lives of its people. Several years ago, the city of Laizhou launched a social marketing campaign—called the Construction of Piety—to encourage love for parents and respect for the elderly in the region.

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