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Great Food Choices Come Naturally in the Hot Spots

Every morning, Okinawans rise to pluck vegetables and fruits from their organic gardens. They eat their garden-fresh produce alongside squares of deliciously prepared fermented tofu.

Sweet potatoes are such an important part of the Okinawan diet that there is even a local greeting, nmu kamatooin, meaning, “Are you getting enough sweet potato?”

Across the globe, Symiots in fishing boats return each day with bounties of seafood caught in pristine Mediterranean waters. The deep-sea delicacies enjoy a place at the daily dinner table, together with olive oil, goat’s cheese, and Greek yogurt.

The long-lived Hunzakuts of Pakistan eat significant amounts of apricots and their kernels, a powerful anti-aging food.

People in the Longevity Hot Spots know that better health and improved longevity come from eating the right foods prepared the right ways.

It doesn’t matter whether the foods are from the garden, the pasture, or the ocean. People in Longevity Hot Spots savor good, simple fare.

  • They practice the art of eating whatever’s fresh and in season. They love the juiciness of a ripe apricot, the crunch of a cucumber, the richness of spices.
  • Theirs is mostly an organic, plant-based diet and their tables are richly colored with produce in reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and dark greens.
  • Other foods may contain added fermentation that deliciously enriches nutrient content. As a result, they eat more whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Yet their food choices are the very same ones available to us in our Western supermarkets! We don’t have to grow them or catch them—we simply have to place them in our carts.

Such superfoods are bursting with the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that give us our vital life force. They affect how we feel, how much energy we have, how well we sleep, work, play.

Would you like to bring your nutritional choices closer to those of long-lived hot spot residents? Start today with simple steps, such as

Start now. You’ll enjoy better tasting, healthier foods—and your body will thank you.