A world away there is a lifetime of good health to be discovered…

In remote corners of the world, across the globe, and for thousands of years, a handful of cultures have mastered the art of living well. In these few extraordinary places, diseases are uncommon, sickness is infrequent, and life expectancies of 90 to 100 or more years are common. These are Longevity Hot Spots where life is simpler, happier, and above all, healthier.

Longevity hot spots the world over share one thing in common: Their people are healthier and live longer than anyone else in the world. Their populations have far fewer cases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity than others. And they have, on average, significantly higher percentages of centenarians and supercentenarians, those people who live past 100 and past 110, respectively. Explore all this site has to offer and your journey toward health begins right now.