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Tips to Get You Moving

Our bodies are made to move. Being more active, not only through scheduled exercise, but also throughout our day-to-day routines, is essential to living well. We will show you simple ways to add activity to your day—which can add healthful years to your life. Movement doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to follow any rules or meet certain expectations. You can…

  • walk the dog
  • mop the floor
  • play ball
  • dance fast
  • take the stairs
  • do some gardening

All of those are ways to keep moving—and they all bring a host of benefits. Below are more ideas for exercise and movement. Choosing activities you enjoy and will realistically stick to is the best way to start. Don’t forget to…

  • warm up before starting any vigorous exercise to avoid damage to muscles
  • cool down afterwards by slowing down and doing stretches
  • keep hydrated by drinking enough water.

Ten easy exercise ideas: These activities will start helping you get fit right away—and you might even find a favorite new hobby or two. (Click here to see a list of some 10-minute, quick-hit exercises.)

  • Walking and hiking come naturally to most of us. Walk briskly to work from home, or park farther away and walk the last part. Take breaks by walking around your office building. Walk your dog or yourself around the neighborhood, or hike if you live near a suitable outdoor space. Walking uphill can be especially aerobic and will also tone your buttocks and thigh muscles.
  • Bike to work. Or, find a beautiful park or other outdoor space where you can cycle over different terrains. Biking is fun and increases fitness without stressing the joints.
  • Join a dance class such as belly dancing, hip-hop, ballroom dance, or any other type of dance for an exhilarating workout. No dance classes near you? There are many dance videos to lead you through a workout at home.
  • Martial arts like karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, and kung fu will give you self-defense skills, provide an excellent full-body workout, improve mental focus, boost confidence, and refresh and energize you. Joining a class will also enable you to meet new people from all walks of life.
  • Join a yoga or Pilates class—or use a book or video at home. Yoga and pilates strengthen and tone muscles of arms, legs, abdomen, and back without making them bulky. Pilates develops core strength, while yoga unites the body with mind and spirit.
  • Go golfing! Practice your swing—and make sure to walk the course with a pull-cart. You’ll enjoy both exercise and the benefits of being outdoors in the vitamin D-boosting sunlight. Whether you prefer to be competitive or social on the course, improving your golf game can be really satisfying.
  • Play tennis with a friend or in a doubles group
    • burns more calories than aerobics or cycling
    • helps develop eye-hand coordination
    • gives you a great work-out. Plus, tennis provides a fun sense of competition and/or teamwork with others.
  • Swimming is an aerobic exercise that improves bone and muscle strength and flexibility without stressing the joints. Swimming is a smart choice for pregnant women or anyone with joint problems, since the water supports the body.
  • Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the Western world—and for good reason. It strengthens legs, arms, and abdominal muscles, enhances coordination, provides competitive and social fun, and is suitable for young and old alike.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are low-impact aerobic activities that improve upper-body strength and overall fitness. If you have a river, sea, or lake near you where you can do these activities, you will also get the benefits of splashing around in the great outdoors.

10 Ways to Move for 10 Minutes (or More)

  1. Hula-hoop in front of the TV or to music.
  2. Vacuum and dust the house, preferably to music.
  3. Take the stairs.
  4. Do lunges and leg stretches while talking on the telephone.
  5. Use a balance ball while watching television, reading, or talking on the telephone.
  6. Walk around the office or around the block during your work day.
  7. Play games with the children (or dog) such as Frisbee or ball games. For a longer period of exercise, you could take the family ice skating or rollerblading.
  8. Do some gentle stretching exercises when you get up in the morning.
  9. Do a few simple yoga poses in the morning or after work.
  10. Take the dog for a long walk around the neighborhood.

You deserve the health and well-being that come from regular activity. Start today, and build healthy habits for a lifetime.

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