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Movement Happens Naturally in Longevity Hot Spots

Physical exertion is simply part of daily routines in the world’s Longevity Hot Spots. As a result, these people not only live longer, but live better and more healthfully throughout their lifetimes.

The Yao of Bama, China, climb terraces and mountains each day to cultivate the land.

The people of Hojancha, Costa Rica, take pleasure in the physical activity of chores.

Hunzkuts spontaneously break into dance after a full day’s work.

For all of these people—and for you, too—movement is a natural and necessary function. The human body is wholly engineered to move. It thrives on regular activity. Nowhere is this better illustrated than across the world’s hot spots, where activity is a routine factor in daily living. These long-lived inhabitants are extremely fit, thanks to their traditional lifestyles. They haul in fishnets, run after sheep and wild game, climb hills, dig plants. They joyfully participate in games and martial arts. They walk, work, play, and dance. In a word, they move! They achieve ample exercise simply by engaging in life’s daily activities, spending their days in purposeful labor. Indulging in play and leisurely recreation with abandon, they live in communities where gyms and fitness clubs are uncommon and unnecessary.

There’s a valuable lesson here: To buy yourself extra years, you’ve got to get moving. Physical activity will increase your energy levels and improve your health now, while also slowing the aging process. Would you like to bring your daily activity level closer to those of long-lived hot spot residents? Start today with simple steps: Making Good Nutrition and Akea part of your routine.